There are many kinds of iphone cases on the market. No matter in terms of material or style, we are confused when choosing. Here we will teach you how to choose the ideal case from five aspects.

iphone 11 silicone case

1、First of all, we should determine the model of the mobile phone, otherwise all efforts will be wasted.
2、After determining the model, consider the material and style of the case, as well as the price;
3、texture of material

(1)Silicone, soft texture, advantages: good handle, good anti fall performance, can effectively alleviate the impact force, has a good protection. Disadvantages: not easy to clean dirty stains.

(2)PC material, has a good heat dissipation, fall, beautiful appearance. Disadvantages: it becomes fragile after being used for a long time.

(3)Glass material: strictly speaking, it is empering glass. Advantages: the pattern color is bright, and it is not easy to fade. It has certain wear resistance, scratch resistance, dirt resistance and convenient cleaning. Disadvantages: fragile

(4)Metal material: it has a good protective effect, disadvantages: because of the aluminum magnesium alloy material, the weight of the mobile phone case is relatively heavy.

(5)Leather: it looks very high-end, suitable for middle-aged and old people. Disadvantages: poor heat dissipation

4、From the style aspect, mainly depends on the individual likes, can choose succinct atmosphere, cartoon, also can be some artistic, mainly is you like.

5、In terms of structure, there are full wrapped, half wrapped, full hemmed, etc. we suggest that the full hemmed one should be selected.

In short, the first consideration in choosing a iphone case should be its anti falling performance, because this is the original intention of purchasing a mobile phone case. Other factors mainly depend on personal preference.After knowing the above, you can choose the best case for your iphone xs max,iphone 11 etc.