Whether you need a case or not is entirely up to you.

Some people like to show others what brand of mobile phone they use.Such people don’t like to put a mobile phone case on their mobile phone.But they have to bear the consequences of the broken phone.If you can afford these expenses, you can not use the phone case.

Another type of people is purely pursuing personalization, so they buy a variety of mobile phone cases for their iphones and change a style every day.

There is a kind of purpose is relatively simple, for the mobile phone is not broken, such as me. I have two children. They often take my iphone to play, and often fall from their hands. Without the protection of the iphone case, I have to change the screen in two or three days. Even more serious, I have to buy a new mobile phone. The cost is really very high.

In general, whether to buy a iphone case for you iphone is entirely up to you.