Every iphone needs a protective case to protect it. So what do you need to pay attention to when buying?

We can learn from the following two points:
1. The mobile phone protective shell should be able to protect the mobile phone first.
Casefyi found that many people buy mobile phone cases to make their phones look better. In fact, this has violated the original intention of using mobile phone cases. It is important to remember that the most important function of the mobile phone case is to protect our mobile phone from falling, because the parts of the mobile phone are very expensive. Secondly, consider the beauty of the case.
2. What material is the iphone case
At present, silica gel, soft PC, hard PC, toughened glass and wood are common in the market. According to our experiments, silica gel and soft PC have the best anti falling effect. When choosing, we can give priority to these two materials. Of course, we should pay attention to the thicker one.